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An INFO button brings up several pages of detailed status data, more quickly perused than if you have to dig through the settings menus; a USER button cycles through three pages of user-defined softkeys. ... along slide Canon's range of EF series and ciema ... Find the best Canon camera system for your shooting style with this detailed review video from Canon Photographer Jenn Cooper. With its 4.5K Raw sensor, better shoulder ergonomics, modular design, global shutter option, 4K 120fps capability (with an added attachment) and the same sensor as the Canon C300 Mark II, it all seems poised to produce a great image, and yet I find myself underwhelmed . There’s an air intake along the front and an exhaust vent along the back; cooling air is drawn through the former and whooshes quite a bit warmer out the latter. I really miss those lab tests from you guys, I prefer empirical metrics for judging image quality instead of subjective opinions. The Canon EOS C100 sensor captures at 9.84MP, of which 8.29MP are used when shooting video so it can shoot Full HD, 1080p video. The camera body’s top and bottom consits of a full-sized cheese plate with tons of 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads. But I’d argue that you get what you pay for. The imagePRESS C800 Color Digital Press series rounds out Canon's Color Cut-Sheet production portfolio, offering an array of new features to enhance the quality, productivity and versatility offered by the imagePRESS series. No spam, guaranteed! A 2 TB Codex capture Drive holds about 46 minutes of full-frame 24p raw, or 169 minutes of 4K 24p ProRes 422 HQ. I kept changing batteries throughout the day far more than I would have liked. Read Review See prices; Model Canon EOS C700 Canon EOS C700 CNETCanonEOSC700 $28,000.00. Support ProVideo Coalition Because it is balance perfectly. For my shoot I exclusively used CFast 2.0 cards for recording 10bit 4:2:2 in XF-AVC. It’s clear that Canon listens to some feedback: the Canon C700 is unbelievable looking on the surface. Canon has announced the EOS C700 FF, an updated version of the company's C700 cinema camera that includes a full frame sensor in place of a Super 35 sensor. The base camera comes blind; an EVF is optional equipment. The C700 FF is a high resolution, high dynamic range camera that just works, the way Apple computers just work (well, the way they used to, but that’s a whole different discussion). Sign up for the ProVideo Coalition weekly e-newsletter and get the most popular articles, blogs, and reviews right to your inbox. Once you select a frame size and recording format, you’ll get consistent, reliable, predictable results, regardless of frame rate and (to a remarkable degree) regardless of ISO setting. The camera also sports a key lock button which is super helpful once you’re happy with your settings. The C700 FF has Canon’s well-regarded colorimetry; the images are rich and “fat” so you have plenty of color information to work with. Refer to pages 69 and 207 of the instruction manual for specifics. Powered by Canon’s new Digic DV7 processor, the EOS C500 Mark II offers 5.9K internal Cinema RAW Light and 4K 4:2:2 10-bit XF-AVC recording. By entering your email, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. It shoots in full-frame mode, 4K/UHD Super35mm crop mode, or 2K/HD Super16mm crop: It offers slow & fast frame rates from 1 fps through 60 fps in full-frame, 72 fps in S35mm crop, or 168 fps in S16mm crop (these maximums are slightly lower than the S35mm-native C700’s; those cameras can capture at 120fps in S35 and 240fps in S16). I think it’s a rental item and it’s a lovely addition to my own camera. SDI can be configured for a 4K raw output, but this is intended only for Canon monitors equipped to deBayer the raw output and apply LUTs for display. In comparison to the C300 Mark II, I think it is too expensive. Peter Marr from Canon Burbank was nice enough to show me around the C700 Full Frame. In short, the camera stays out of your way and lets you get on with the job. When fully rigged it gets heavier, obviously, but the form factor allows it to sit on your shoulder without having to modify it completely. cinema5D GmbH, Kranzgasse 22/9-10, A-1150 Vienna, Austria, MTF Services Converts SIRUI 50mm and 35mm Anamorphic Lenses to L-Mount, TDM Audio Pro UVC Case Disinfects Your Microphones, GoPro Karma Drone - Controller Pairing Issues, Boris FX Mocha Pro 2021 adds PowerMesh Tracking, MZed Course Review – The Art & Technique of Film Editing with Tom Cross, Panasonic LUMIX BGH1 First Look Review & Mini Documentary, Astera NYX Review - The Quest for the Perfect Cinema Lightbulb. Canon has announced the EOS C70, a digital cinema camera with a design similar to that of a mirrorless stills camera. ProRes isn’t available as a sub recording format for raw main recordings. I own one and it is a great camera! The DC connector, being part of the Codex recorder, isn’t the usual 4-pin XLR; it’s a mil-spec, radiation-hardened, earthquake-proof two pin connector from the likes of Lemo or Fischer or Hirose; just be aware you’ll need the proper power cable to feed juice to the camera. I think this is due to the way the dual pixel autofocus works, but I would like to use the magnify function every now and then, just to be sure. De nieuwe variant in de lijn van cinemacamera's heeft een fullframesensor. The closest competitor to the C700 might be the ARRI Amira, which is actually super heavy in comparison. The XLRs are switchable between AES/EBU digital and analog inputs; in analog both line and mic levels are selectable, along with 48v phantom power. As they say with a … Oh yes dual pixel focus. View online or download Canon ImagePress C700 Quick Manual, Service Manual, Quick Start Manual, Update Manual When you do have to dip into the side panel menus, you’ll find the same clear, logical organization used in the EVF menus… except that there’s stuff missing: all the stuff already available in the main screens. In terms of connectivity, the EOS C700 offers everything you’ll ever need. Those aside, there is no material relationship between me and Canon. Canon EOS C700 ⭐ review. You have the option of Gold Mount or V-Mount for the battery plate. The eyepiece cannot be opened like that on an ENG camera, so if you need to view from a slight distance you’ll want a separate monitor. Shop B&H for special deals on Canon C700 like EOS C700 Full-Frame Cinema Camera and EOS C700 Full-Frame Cinema Camera, all at unbelievable prices. Canon EOS C700 FF Specifications Page by category. For additional information on any Canon or third-party accessories, contact your Authorized Canon representative. That’s why I wanted to take a closer look at what’s possible with cinema EOS cameras as matters stand. © 2020 All rights reserved. The C700 FF offers the full range of settings of any capable cine camera with multiple frame sizes, system frequencies, recording formats, and monitoring facilities, plus the full complement of video-style adjustments for WYSIWYG shooting. CODEX CDX-36150 recorder A dedicated and dockable CODEX RAW recorder offering enhanced and optimal performance with the camera, allowing for higher frame rates and a familiar workflow. And you’ll need an Allen key if you want to remove the 15mm rods from the baseplate. Pressing ALT lets you access the audio settings, the camera’s level indicator, and (on the EF model only) a wide array of autofocus and focus-assist functions. Introducing Canon's latest entry in the Cinema EOS line: the EOS C700! As I said before, the camera could be a little smaller and a little bit less heavy to be perfect (for me, at least). Review Canon C700 GS The air intake of my C300 Mark II is located right next to my ear when I am shooting with the camera sitting on my shoulder. Fortunately these menus appear to have been designed with the operator in mind more than the systems design engineer (I’m lookin’ at you, Sony), so things are found in reasonably sensible locations and the learning curve is short. Cover image via Canon.. Like most of us, I was confused when the Canon C700 came out. For the ultimate in 4K imaging, the Canon C700/C700 GS PL cinema EOS system digital camera is the only premium choice for professionals. 4.5K RAW at 100fps with a simple workflow via Codex’s Production Suite to deliver ProRes files and all the other deliverables required. sub record) 4K/UHD or 2K/HD XF-AVC clips on the CFast cards (10-bit YCrCb formats only). CANON GOES FULL FRAME The Canon EOS C700 FF has launched. The camera alone weighs 4.1 kg, but fully rigged it is a torture to work with on the shoulder over a long period of time. Yes, there’s a teensy little joystick on the EVF, but it’s perfectly suited for thumbing through menus and settings, even with a gloved thumb. The front of the camera preserves the concentric surfaces-of-revolution design language of the C300 and its ilk; this rounded forebody with its glossy black speckled paint is nested in the smoother, se… High Dynamic Range. The bracket adjusts laterally while the EVF can slide back and forth along it. Canon has announced a new addition to its Cinema EOS line of professional cinematography cameras, the EOS C700, which appears to be the first camera from Canon to leverage the global shutter CMOS sensor technology the company revealed yesterday. ‘For me the Canon color-science is still to be beaten by Sony and others’……..if the ‘others’ are Arri then this is the biggest puff piece in Cinema5D history!!! Read on for a full rundown of my thoughts about this camera. The front of the camera has yet another record trigger, a built-in monaural microphone, and a fifth assignable button: it defaults to one-shot autofocus on the EF model (I reassigned it to auto white balance). After this upgrade, a new entry-level variant followed: the C100. These covers can be removed entirely if desired. The OLED itself, being 1920×1080, means that your eyeball will run out of resolution before the EVF will; the eyepiece presents the OLED at a Goldilocks viewing angle — not too big, not too small — so that the image looks crystal-clear without visible pixellation or aliasing of any sort. There’s also the camera’s ON/OFF button, and a LOCK button to disable the side-panel controls once you’ve set things the way you like  ‘em. 5.9k raw output is not available: if you want to record full-frame raw, you’ll need the Codex recorder. Canon’s EVF is a full HD OLED panel surrounded by tactile controls. Guillaume – There are so many things that reviews of this length miss I find – the breadth of features in the C700 go pretty deep – it’s one of those cameras that anyone can pick up and use easily at the top level, but to own or use regularly one can find and make use of many of the extra clever features that either make my set-life easier or enhance creativity. One day the director wanted to do a dollyzoom (ie. Following on from the theatrical trailer created by Ember Films, this video brings you behind the scenes to look at how they created this stunning film. Beyond the new C700 Full Frame , the C700 also comes in Super 35mm and Super 35mm Global Shutter varieties. The screen, surrounded by 6 buttons, is for accessing the menu structure only, so no video output to be found here. And, after all, I had zero issues with this camera while shooting for 10 straight days. HD-SDI, Time Code, and Genlock output. No big deal, but still annoying to have a humming fan next to your ear. Although the EOS C700 is capable of recording 4K RAW externally using a dedicated CODEX recorder, the fast turnaround of my project didn’t allow for this workflow. Pros: Modular design. Manuals. When capturing raw, you can simultaneously record (a.k.a. Do what you will: the sensor is always sampled fully, with no line-skipping or pixel-binning. While Sony keeps pushing to add great features to their cameras, it’s not all about specs – at least not to me. It has faster transfer rates and improved security compared to its predecessors – a, b, and g. 45min. Accordingly, Canon makes no representations or warranties with respect to such third-party products. Clips capture with Canon colorimetry. So, while the Codex CDX-36150 records 4K RAW, the EOS C700 can simultaneously send the 4K image to a Canon Reference Display. - Duration: 19:22. Vertigo). The SDI feeds are either YCC or RGBA, depending on frame size and frame rate; these are all nicely documented in the instruction manual should you have a need for these feeds. It’s not too late to the game such a silly thing to say it’s a 4K camera (with future proofed upgrade path) unlike anything ARRI have …. Review Canon C700 USER calls up three user-assignable menus; ALT displays controls that don’t fit on the home screen; TC opens the timecode menu; PLAY invokes playback. A 16 GB SD card will hold a full hour of 24p proxy material. The C700 FF lists for US$33,000, with top handle and EVF mount but no EVF or raw recorder (the S35mm C700, formerly $35,000 is now selling for a mere $28,000). There’s no play whatsoever and the mount holds the lens very tight. Drivers. It looks a little bit like something from Home Depot. Multiple 12V and 24V power outlets can be used to power all your external monitors, FIZ controllers, wireless video transmitters etc. What we could really do with is a standard visual test setup, with the same lighting, etc., which all cameras are used to photograph at different ISO’s etc., with the same model(s) for skintones, a colour chart, shadow areas… (I’ve seen a few multi camera tests like this). If you have the OU-700 attached, it mounts at the top on a hinged bracket and sits in front of these doors, as shown here. TheBuffNerds. He is living in Berlin, Germany but has traveled the world as well while shooting mostly music related documentaries and shows. However, one thing bugged me a little bit: you have to press it firmly against your eye and look straight at it, otherwise the image will look distorted immediately. Browser Remote is a web-based remote monitoring and control application, available over both the built-in wired networking or over Wi-Fi using an optional radio module. As Canon’s flagship cinema camera, the C700, announced in late 2016, has already gone through quite the evolution in a short period of time. Dual XLRs can accept two channels of analog or four channels of AES/EBU digital audio; a 3.5mm stereo minijack provides two more, and a built-in monaural mic offers yet another source.

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