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Fisher & Paykel products including CPAP machines, humidifiers, masks, and accessories.

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel designs and manufactures a range of innovative healthcare devices for use in respiratory care, the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, neonatal care and operating rooms. They are the world leader in innovation for heated humidifiers in both home and hospital settings.

Clinical Sleep Solutions carries a wide range of Fisher & Paykel products including CPAP machines, humidifiers, masks, and accessories.

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Feature Fisher & Paykel CPAP Equipment

Fisher & Paykel HC254 AUTO CPAP

The SleepStyle™ 200 Auto Series is a auto-adjusting system designed to enhance patient comfort with SensAwake™ Technology. SensAwake™ senses when a patient wakes and promptly lowers the pressure to aid the transition back to sleep. The result is a more personalized therapy during sleep and awake states. The auto-adjusting algorithm detects and responds effectively to flow limitation, apnea and hypopnea. In addition, the PerformanceMaximizer™ software offers detailed efficacy reporting for clinicians and uses recognized USB technology for easy data transfer.

Fisher & Paykel HC604 CPAP

The HC604 integrated flow generator offers greater pressure range, enhanced user ergonomics, and greater humidification compared to all CPAP machines available in the market today. The HC604 series also incorporates Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s patented Ambient Tracking® PLUS auto-adjusting humidification technology and heated tubing. The combination of these two technologies increases user comfort and therapy effectiveness by adequately delivering proper humidification regardless of the room environment.

Opus 360 Nasal Pillow Mask

Sleep in any position comfortably with mask displacement with this nasal pillow mask. It is small and quiet but extremely comfortable with unprecedented freedom. The slim-line design has an innovative 360-degree pivoting ball-and-socket elbow to provide greater versatility. The new silicone pillows and contoured mask frame fit comfortably around the face. Click here to purchase the Fisher & Paykel Opus 360 Nasal Pillow Mask.