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O2 Canada

O2 Canada promises you better respiratory performance and wellbeing through better air. With science, technology and design, we create a mobile, personal and controlled breathing space that improves every breath you take so you can experience more of life.

O2 Canada believes people should have access to fresh air, even in the worst of conditions. By helping people breathe easier, we can all live longer and happier lives.

Over 100 years ago in World War I, Canadians invented the first gas mask to protect soldiers from chemical warfare. Building upon these military roots, O2 Canada applied innovation and research from the Air Pollution and Research Lab at the University of Waterloo to develop a new kind of mask – one that protects everyday people from the most deadly particles not visible to the human eye

During a trip to Asia, our co-founders Peter (CEO) and Rich (CIO) witnessed the devastating reality of air quality that so many people around the world experience on a daily basis. Even more disturbing to them was the absence of effective protection available to citizens against the known harmful effects of air pollution. Upon returning to Waterloo and recognizing the stark contrast in air quality, they grappled with how they could bring the gift of breathing clean air to people in cities around the world without this privilege.

This is where the 02 Canada vision was born and this is what continues to drive the team to create better, smarter respirators with your needs in mind. O2 Canada is dedicated to making the world a better place, by bringing innovation to healthcare that goes beyond the ordinary and helping countries that have limited resources.

Feature O2 Canada Equipment

O2 Curve Personal Anti-Pollution Filtration Breathing Mask

The O2 Curve provides superior protection from PM 2.5 particles, dust, germs, pollen and other airborne contaminants. The reusable mask features adjustable straps to provide a comfortable and well-fitting design for all face shapes. The mask is designed to feel light and comfortable. Once you try on the mask, you won’t believe how easy it is to breathe. Based on average use, the commuter filter can last up to 2 weeks. We recommend using the O2 Canada App to better track filter life. Click here to lean more about the O2 Curve .