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Clinical Sleep Solutions is Canada’s Trusted Provider of CPAP Therapy and Equipment


Wellness Garage is a precision lifestyle medical practice that provides adaptive programs to help individuals meet their unique health goals. Medically-supervised and comprehensive, Wellness Garage combines a physician-led, team-based approach with one-to-one coaching, personal training, nutritional counselling, education and digital tracking. Wellness Garage programs cater to a number of health goals including managing chronic disease, getting fit, losing weight, optimizing health and improving lifestyle.

Viva Care Medical Group , a multidisciplinary health-care company, was started in 2008 and now has over 10 locations. The group is an innovative health care provider which offers access to medical, pharmaceutical and wellness services across the Lower Mainland. Their growing network of family physicians, specialists, pharmacists, rehabilitative team and other health care providers are bound by their mission of enhancing lives and preserving health by providing easily accessible integrated health care.